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"Gay Tony and I"

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In this podcast we discuss The Ballad Of Gay Tony. The guest this week is OptimumPx


iGTA Podcast 09/23/09
Written by Qdeathstar with special guest OptimumPx

Qdeathstar: Welcome to the iGrandTheftAuto.com podcast of the week with your host Qdeathstar. As promised during the last podcast this week we will take a look at Rockstar's upcoming Xbox exclusive "the Ballad of Gay Tony". The game will be available for the Xbox 360 via an Xbox live download or on DVD as part of "Episodes from Liberty City." While the Xbox live version of the game will require users to have the original GTA 4 CD, Episodes from liberty city will not. According to Rockstar Games, the game will be released October 29th.

Qdeathstar: While the game may be just over a month away, Rockstar Games has been building hype for the game since August 27th when it released a teaser screenshot followed by four screenshots released to popular gaming sites such as GTA4.tv on August 30th.

Qdeathstar: The next day on September 1st Rockstar Games released the games first trailer entitled "You always Be King Of this Town." As you can see in the trailer, the game will feature new missions, dancing clubs, many new vehicles, and even parachutes. The track from the trailer is titled "Pjanoo" by Eric Prydz.

Qdeathstar: A week later, on September 8th Rockstar released a second 60 second TV advertisement which introduces the basic plot for the ballad of gay Tony and several new scenes from the game.

Qdeathstar: Since that time there has been a huge amount of information about the game released. Some of the highlights include the fact that the game will be as long as "The Lost and Damned" and feature the protagonist "Luis Lopez". Some of the most exciting features that are confirmed to be in the game are the addition of tanks, a weaponized helicopter, and of course, parachutes. In addition, players will play though the game in classic GTA style. Those of you who have played the original GTA games will remember that you scored points for completing the missions, well, in GTA4: The Ballad Of Gay Tony that style of game play is back. Player will receive points for completing missions in a certain way (such as parachuting onto a moving truck) and can then repeat that mission in an attempt to score more points at any time in the future. This game is set to be one of the most free-range updates to the GTA series since GTA: San Andreas was released way back in 2004. Keep in mind that new information regarding the game is coming in daily and the best way to keep up to date on all the latest developments regarding the upcoming release is to visit the forums and talk with members about the game!

Qdeathstar: Since this week's podcast was related to "The Ballad Of Gay Tony we decided that it would be only fitting to bring in a member of the forums to discuss the game and this week's guest is OptimumPx, a moderator for iGrandTheftAuto.com

Qdeathstar: Welcome to the studio, OptimumPx.

OptimumPx: Hey Q. Thanks for having me.

Qdeathstar: So with all the new information released about "The Ballad of Gay Tony", what are a few of the features that you are most excited about?

OptimumPx: For me it would have to be the SWAT tanks and the uh parachutes. Also there's the extra bonus of being able to enter extra buildings, like Tony's clubs.

Qdeathstar: While more enterable buildings is certainly cool I really think the parachutes are the single most exciting feature. But you know, a lot of people have said that they believe that the name "The Ballad of Gay Tony" is over the top and perhaps a little attention whorish&#8230 I just think some people are out of their mind, but what do you think?

OptimumPx: Well of course it's all about getting attention. I mean it makes it stand out amongst the other game titles out there. I mean, what they're hoping for is for people though other games going, "Boring, boring, boring, wait, Gay what? Lemme see what that's about."

Qdeathstar: Yeah, and I also kinda think that the letters preceeding "The Ballad Of Gay Tony" mean something, the game will be great no matter the sub-title. Finally, there are some people out there that claim that this DLC, with the tanks, the parachutes, the mini games and everything else aside from the story itself are things that should have already been included in the original game, and that Rockstar is milking gamers by making us pay for this extra content. On the other hand, GTA 4 is much longer that most games released in this generation, and it contains hundreds of features which are included in the original game, what do you think about that accusation?

OptimumPx: Well, Rockstar didn't have to make any downloadable content if you think about it. From the first GTA all the way up to San Andreas they spent all their time and effort making a great game, releasing it, and that's it. I mean they could have done that with GTA IV too and nobody would have complained, and it's not like you need all the extra stuff to enjoy the game anyway.

Qdeathstar: Thanks, OptimumPx, level headed as usual. Anyway, last podcast I had you all unlock five achievements then submit your entry inside the chartroom. Thanks to all of you who completed the task, unfortunately there can only be one winner. OptimumPx, since you're in studio today why don't you go ahead and read the winner.
OptimumPx: The Winner is wicked

Qdeathstar: Congratulations Wicked. Sorry for those of you that didn't win, but this week you got another chance! OptimumPx, why don't you tell them what this week's podcast contest is!

OptimumPx: This podcast's task is very simple, just PM Qdeathstar a GTA fact and you're entered to win. You can choose any fact about any Grand Theft Auto game. Just PM Qdeathstar with it and you're in! The deadline to enter is Wednesday, October 7th at noon GMT. The winner will receive a personalized bumper sticker designed by Qdeathstar and Autographed by Psy himself, and as a bonus we'll even throw in a iGrandTheftAuto email address subject, of course, to TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

Qdeathstar: That's it for today's podcast, but be sure to tune back in on October 16th for a look back at GTA: Classic. Till next time this is Qdeathstar. iGrandTheftAuto, do you?