Welcome To iGrandTheftAuto.com

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It's finally here. After 10 months of hard work, and about 24 hours of non-stop work overnight, I can officially launch iGrandTheftAuto.com.

The first thing I'll say is please be patient while we load the site up with content. It's taken me 10 months to get the whole thing coded, and we didn't really have enough time to make all of the pages for the site. We've got around 100 on at the minute, but we'll be updating them and adding more over the coming weeks. So as I say, please forgive the lack of content in some game sections.

What's so special about this iGrandTheftAuto thing?

Well, the first thing you'll have noticed is the "portal" type feel we've got for the home page, and for each individual GTA section (which you can access from the top right). The homepage or gta homepage will show all of the latest news and content for that particular section.

Users have the ability to submit content for everything on the website (apart from pages which must be made by website staff), so we expect a constant stream of new content coming in, which is why we've gone for this type of design.

Each GTA game has it's own skin and theme, and you can choose one to be permanent across all website pages from your user control panel, should you desire.

Community Features

Another feature I've aimed for, is specifically to build up the community, which is why we have a large community section with things like Blogs, Status Updates, Yearbooks and Affiliates. Each member also has their own profile which stores data on everything they've done on the site.


We have achievements built into the web site also. There are 50 of them to start with (we'll be adding more in the future), and you will generally unlock them by using the website. A lot of them are set up so that they will take time or effort to complete, but there are quite a few which aren't too difficult to get. We ask that you do not abuse this feature. They're effectively rewards for contributing to the site. If you spam or beg people to do things in order to get you achievements, we'll just block your account's ability to unlock them.

Anyway have a browse around the website, maybe check out our podcast below this post, and please post any website feedback in this topic.

Please Be Aware

Although we've spent 2 months BETA testing the website, there may, and probably will be a number of bug we haven't found. The content management system we use is extremely complex and I'm sure you'll understand the need for patience while we get the site up and running properly.

I hope you all enjoy the new site and appreciate the 2000+ hours of coding I've done in the last year. Now let's make this the best GTA site on the net, eh?

iGrandTheftAuto... Do you?