Happy New Year From iGrandTheftAuto.com

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Hey everyone,

I hope everyone had a good Christmas. I thought I'd take this opportunity to say Happy New Year to everyone. I've got some changes planned for the website which I hope to work on in early 2010, so I'd appreciate some feedback.

Firstly, we'll be getting some new achievements soon. Not sure how many yet, but I'll be adding some new stuff to keep things interesting.

Status Update Comments

I will be adding a feature to status updates so that members can comment on a status update you have posted. I may alter this and make it so that you can comment on any recent website activity, so you could post a comment on someone's activity about unlocking a new achievement. Which would people prefer?

Additionally, I may attempt to work on something which will send you a notification if anyone comments or rates any content you have submitted, just so you can keep an eye on your own stuff.

Website Home Page

I intend to alter the website home page and display a list of news in the same way it's displayed on http://www.GTA4.TV. This will be optional and could be changed from your User Control Panel, although would you prefer to keep the homepage as it is now for default, or switch to the "classic" news display? Alternatively, would you change any of the boxes on the home page, maybe showing Recent Website Activity or new Blogs boxes as well, or in place of FAQs or Downloads for example?

Additional Features

Other features I was never able to code in time for the launch include Reviews where users can submit reviews of each of the GTA games. A fan fiction section where users can submit made up GTA stories, made up missions or anything else they have written about Grand Theft Auto. There may be some games or quizzes I may add too in a Fun & Games section.

Thanks for visiting the website since it's launch on September 09, 2009 and I hope we can build and improve on the thousands of pages of content we have so far.