10 More Classic GTA Radio Ads

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Rockstar Games has updated the Advertising Council webpage with 10 more classic GTA radio ads featuring reality TV shows and other pop culture issues.


Vice City, 1984
  • Ammunation: A Visit from Derek the Dodo - Protecting your kids’ rights! Proudly bringing gun safety to your community for over 30 years.
  • Athena 200s - This is pleasure that lasts longer. Celebrating the struggle for women’s equality with each full-flavored cigarette.

Vice City, 1986
  • Complete the Look: Electro - Vice City’s one stop shop for people who know how to put the ‘hip’ into hip-hop.
  • Learn Redneck Pretty Fast - To take full advantage of the remarkable opportunities of this land of select freedom, you’ve got to understand the language of freedom.

San Andreas, 1992
  • The Mid-Life Crisis Center - You’ll be dead soon. You’ve missed out on so much. It’s not too late to make a change.
  • My Five Uncles - The sitcom with a lot of heart. The show that shows family values exist – even in unconventional families.
  • Vote Yes on Proposition 832 - Nineteen million illegal aliens live in this country – most of them in San Andreas. Preserve the status quo in OUR favor.

Liberty City, 2008
  • Excelsior Extreme 9 Razor (Vladivostok Version) - Blades of Glory. Courtesy of Vladivostok FM.
  • I’m Rich - America can’t stop gawking at directionless heiresses and debutante disasters on the hit CNT show, I’m Rich.
  • America’s Next Top Hooker (as heard below) - It’s back, this season on CNT. 20 girls compete for the title everyone wants. Who will go home with the glory?

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