Max Payne 3 Local Justice DLC Coming July 3rd

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The second batch of DLC (after the Gorilla Warfare Pack from May) for Max Payne 3 is coming next week on July 3rd for consoles and July 17th for PC. The Local Justice DLC Pack features new multiplayer maps and a couple other goodies...

  • 55th Battalion HQ map for all game modes
  • The Imperial Palace and Departure Lounge maps for Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Payne Killer
  • Light Fingers Item for faster looting
  • M4 Assault Rifle with attachments
  • São Paulo Police Faction with related avatar customization options

To make things even better, the price is being reduced since the pack was delayed from a June release. During launch week you can get the pack for the price of 480 Microsoft Points (Xbox LIVE) or $5.99 on PSN and PC, after which point it will return to its normal price of 640 Microsoft Points (Xbox LIVE) or $7.99 on PSN and PC.

Additionally on July 3rd, all pre-order and retail DLC will be available for purchase on Xbox LIVE and PSN (and free of charge for those of you who have purchased the Rockstar Pass), which includes the following:
  • Cemetery Map: 160 MSFT Points / $1.99 PSN
  • Silent Killer Loadout Pack: 160 MSFT Points / $1.99 PSN
  • Pill Bottle Item: 80 MSFT Points / $0.99 PSN
  • Deadly Force Burst: 80 MSFT Points / $0.99 PSN
  • Classic Max Payne Character: 80 MSFT Points / $0.99 PSN

PC players will also be able to get the pre-order and retail DLC on July 17th when the Local Justice Pack launches for PC. Check out some screenshots of the Local Justice DLC Pack below:

Multi-level Team Deathmatch mayhem in 'Departure Lounge' - one of the three new multiplayer maps in the Local Justice Pack DLC for Max Payne 3.

Squaring off on the rooftop of Imperial Palace.

Team Deathmatch inside the bombed out Imperial Palace.

The corridors of the 55th Battalion HQ make for some intense stand-offs.

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