Max Payne 3 Soundtrack & Multiplayer Video Part 2

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Rockstar recently released details about the Max Payne 3 Official Soundtrack which will be available digitally on May 23rd. Composed and recorded by LA-based band HEALTH, the soundtrack features the song "TEARS" which will release as a single on iTunes on May 15th, coinciding with the game’s console launch.


"HEALTH’s unique blend of rock, powerful drums and electronic soundscapes lends itself perfectly to the score for the game. Taking influences from Brazil, Max’s native New York and the themes of the original games, HEALTH have put together a fantastic soundtrack that perfectly embodies the tone and the atmosphere of Max Payne 3. Distinctive arrangements unique to each level accompany Max on his journey through the game's locations, perfectly framing the game's epic action sequences and the dark and gritty story."

Excerpts from "TEARS" can be heard in the new Max Payne 3 TV spot and you can hear more of what the band have to say about the game in their exclusive Q&A with Pitchfork. The Max Payne 3 soundtrack will also feature a new and exclusive track from São-Paulo-based Brazilian hip-hop artist, Emicida. DJ mixes heard during Max Payne 3's Nightclub chapter were compiled and mixed by Brooklyn based DJ collective Trouble & Bass, and will be available free as a digital download following the game's release.

Additional info coming soon.

And now a brand new video titled Multiplayer Part 2:


Max Payne 3 Multiplayer incorporates the gritty storytelling and intense gunplay the Max Payne games are famous for into an epic online experience. Featuring modes like Gang Wars, where events from the single-player game are used as narrative starting points for the matches and the outcome of each fight drives the dynamically shifting storyline, plus features like Vendettas, Bursts and the ability to join Crews, see it all in action above or in high def now at

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