PS Vita "Game Heaven" Tomorrow

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For those who haven't bought a PlayStation Vita yet, you may have reasons to get one tomorrow. Sony is set to have its "PlayStation Vita Game Heaven" event in Japan and is likely to reveal more titles for the handheld device among other things.


We've known that Rockstar Games is among many developers for the PS Vita but we do not know what plans they have for their titles on it. Of course a big possibility is that GTA games will make their way onto the PS Vita - especially with the mobile version of Grand Theft Auto III recently released. Considering the specs of the PS Vita, improved versions of GTA III and Vice City could see new light on the device. The original GTAs, the Stories for LC and VC plus Chinatown Wars are all possibilities. Note: The "Vice City Nights" for PS Vita rumor is false. Images taken from were fake as we stated on Twitter.

Outside of GTA, games like Beaterator or Table Tennis could be made into PS Vita games among many other titles. The original Max Payne was said to be making its way onto mobile devices in HD, although it was supposed to release sometime last fall. Development could have been pushed back for the PS Vita.

It is also possible Rockstar could develop a new game for the PS Vita but unlikely. Why create something from scratch when there's already so much that works? Hopefully we'll be able to bring you some great news tomorrow. The PS Vita Game Heaven event kicks off at 8 PM in Japan, which translates to 6 AM Eastern Time US and 11 AM in the UK. It is supposed to be live streaming from the Japanese PlayStation website here.

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