New Max Payne 3 Soundtrack Info And Artwork

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Soundtrack Details: HEALTH

Our friends at RockstarSpy had pointed out that the Los Angeles-based rock band HEALTH was producing music for Max Payne 3's soundtrack, found via Rockstar Games themselves later confirmed it was true and that they are also responsible for the trailer music.


"Video games are redefining entertainment and whether people like it or not, they are becoming as culturally relevant as films,” said the band's Jake Duzsik. “We feel that Rockstar’s projects have an undeniably raw and tasteful aesthetic. It's vitally important to us that we be involved in things we respect artistically. Max Payne 3 has a complex story that unfolds mercilessly and we are excited to be a part of it."

HEALTH's distinctive style perfectly suits Max's dark story, and the band went to great lengths to ensure that unique sounds and motifs were used to represent each specific locale featured in the game. In addition to composing the dynamic in-game score, HEALTH is creating exclusive songs for the game’s forthcoming soundtrack which will be a part of the Special Edition package.

Look for announcements of more soundtrack details soon including contributions from some of Brazil's own and behind the scenes information about the music's creation!

Artwork: Transfer Deadline

Next up, check out a new official Max Payne 3 Artwork titled "Transfer Deadline":


The artwork features Max and Passos in a tense scenario that takes place on the pitch at a local soccer (football or futebol in this case) stadium, with the duo in the middle of a deadly cash exchange for the kidnapped Fabiana Branco. A transaction that - as you will see for yourself come this May - doesn't quite go so smoothly.

Download this image in various sizes for your computer or mobile device from the Max Payne 3 website or Rockstar Downloads.

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