New Max Payne 3 Weapon Details and Desktops

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Check out screenshots and a video of the latest feature on the wide range of high-powered weaponry from Max Payne 3's awesome arsenal. This feature focuses on the Mini-30 rifle - a deadly piece of kit that's built like a tank and packs the punch of one too. Whether at a distance via scope or at close quarters, the rapid fire and lightweight nature of this rifle makes short - and messy - work of enemies.

Explore the video module above to see its brutal stopping power, impressive range and precise accuracy in action, along with detailed 360-degree renders that show off all of its individually modeled components and a selection of all-new screenshots. You can also visit the Mini-30's page here.

Up next, check out and download some awesome action shots of Max for use as backgrounds:




Download them in various sizes from Rockstar's download page or the Max Payne 3 website.

Lastly, get more info about Max Payne 3 Trailer 2 by watching the YouTube annotated version:

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