Official Max Payne 3 Website Launched

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Today Rockstar has completely updated the Max Payne 3 website with an official launch! Instead of just images and screens, you can now check out more content about the game including the gangs you'll be running into! More details below...

"Our new Max Payne 3 website is live with a ton of never-before-seen content including a new video shown above, screens and 360-degree renders of the high-powered 608 Bull Revolver, details on one of São Paulo's most vicious and influential cartels, the Comando Sombra and their ruthless leader Serrano, as well as a collection of new exclusive screens."

The new website gives you all the info you need to drool yourself into a coma. In addition to news, screenshots and artworks, you'll find some information about multiplayer, weapons, and gangs with much more to come! So head on over to the official Max Payne 3 website and look for much more content to be added in the coming months!

Explore intelligence gathered on one of the deadliest organized crime groups in São Paulo, the Comando Sombra and their ruthless leader Serrano.

Max Payne 3 is looking awesome! What gangs will be running around Grand Theft Auto V? Join the discussions at the GTA V forums!