Rockstar Warehouse Updated: GTA III 10 Year & More

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Rockstar has completely updated their warehouse store with a new look and some new products! They've also enhanced shipping and tracking too!


New products today include:

GTA III 10 Year Anniversary Collection
The Grand Theft Auto III 10-Year Anniversary Collection currently featuring the limited-edition Sideshow Claude Action Figure as announced yesterday. This fully articulated 1:6 scale action figure was created by renowned collectible manufacturer, Sideshow, and is available for pre-order in limited quantities now. You can also order the Grand Theft Auto III 10-Year Anniversary poster set - featuring both the special anniversary edition treatments of the game's original US poster art that introduced GTA's signature cover art aesthetic and also of the European release version montage art. Keep an eye out for more special items to be announced and added from the Grand Theft Auto III 10-Year Anniversary Collection soon!

The brand new Navy & Gold Edition Rockstar Cap as well as the original Navy & White Rockstar Baseball cap which is back in stock by popular demand!

Rockstar has also worked with their traffickers to hustle up some improved shipping rates, both for the U.S. and for international customers, with significantly cheaper shipping to the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, Sweden and lots of other territories, now between 15-20% lower on average than the old rates! This is something they're going to be continuing to work on and improve, so rates will get even lower in the coming months as well!

The relaunched Warehouse also features the new Digital Downloads store where you can find a compendium of links to digital soundtracks, DLC downloads and more, plus enhanced package tracking, Game Series collections, and Social Club member login support so that their best customers can make an easy transaction to get in and out. Rockstar has got a lot more in store in terms of new products, features, and shipping so stay tuned!

Check it out at and join us at the Grand Theft Auto V forums!