Max Payne 3 Previews

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For those of you who still need more convincing to get Rockstar's Max Payne 3, take a read through the first of many previews that will be coming out in the next few months until the game's release in March 2012:


"Max Payne 3 takes the feel of the first games and coats it in glorious HD... Bullet Time -- the ability to slowdown time, leap through the air and blast your enemies -- is back, but it looks better than ever... From the moment I heard that piano tune to the moment I heard James McCaffrey reprise his role as a man whose family was stolen away in a violent crime, I was hooked. Max Payne is back."
- IGN, Read more

"The game looks gorgeous... The camerawork is inspired as well, often exhibiting a slight handheld shake and natural movement in the story sequences I saw... mobsters were rushing up the stairs of Max's apartment building and starting to pierce the windows in his hallway with red-dot sights. Down a hallway, a hobo suddenly appeared, dressed in an army jacket, clearly wearing a bomb on his body and spouting some sort of madness. He runs to Max in the middle of a firefight after shotgunning some enemies for Max, then gets blown up. It was weird, surreal and excellent."
- Kotaku, Read more

"With its flashy effects and cinematics as you kill your final enemy, Max Payne 3 is big on style. But, with its thrilling gun battles, detailed environments and Max’s noir-style inner monologue, it looks to have the substance nailed too."
- Shortlist, Read more

"The world that Max Payne inhabits is an incredibly detailed one, from the reactive, nuanced animations of the main character and his foes, to the myriad of objects giving the environments life, to the sophisticated destruction which adds both realism and tactical elements."
- CVG, Read more

"I am so floored that Rockstar has been able to stay true to the fundamentals of what makes Max, Max. Rockstar even has the full blessings of Remedy, the original developers of the Max Payne series. Max Payne 3 is looking like one of the biggest games of 2012."
- Destructoid, Read more

"Max Payne 3 is looking like the true sequel loyal fans of the series will want to play and, most importantly, embrace."
- CNET, Read more

Sounds like another epic Rockstar Games title in the making. Be sure to vote on the Max Payne 3 opinion poll here and join us at the GTA V forums!