LA Noire PS3 Exclusive Consul's Car Out in Europe

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For the European PlayStation 3 users, you can now download the [North American] PS3 exclusive L.A. Noire Case: The Consul's Car.


"In a dusty backlot, a gleaming new model car sits abandoned. Without an owner, without license plates, without even a full complement of wheels, the car could be headed for the scrapyard and the case for a dead end. But detectives do have one lead – the vehicle is registered to the Argentinean Consulate of Los Angeles."

You can now download "The Consul's Car" Traffic desk bonus case on both the North American and European PlayStation Store for $3.99/£3.19/€3.99. Please note, this case is not included as part of the Rockstar Pass DLC and must be purchased separately.

Once you've registered for a PlayStation Network account you can then scroll to the PlayStation Network icon on your XMB and select PlayStation Store. "The Consul's Car" case is available from the Add-On section.

And to top it off, Rockstar is working to bring the case to the Xbox 360 too:
"Xbox 360 players, we’re actively working to bring the “Consul’s Car” case to you all too - we are in discussion with Microsoft to see about arranging for availability on Xbox LIVE. The case was originally commissioned by Sony North America as an exclusive bonus for PS3 players, but as you know we always do our best to ultimately make all our content available to everyone whenever it is possible."

Gotta love Rockstar. smile.gif

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