More Infamous GTA Ad Council Adverts

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The good folks at The Advertising Council of Liberty City, Vice City and San Andreas have delved deep into the archives once again to deliver another installment of memorable radio ads from the Council's grand repository. This latest update features original spots from popular games of the 80s and 90s like The Cavern of Sorrow and Pastmaster: Patriot Edition, as well as an important public service message from hard living thrillseeker Jock Cranley (featured below). Hear all these and much more at


Vice City, 1984
  • A PSA from Jock Cranley (as heard below) - Just say “not for me”, kids. Be original, just like Jock Cranley.
  • The Barfs!: Get Your Free Drinking Glass - While supplies last, at your neighborhood Pizza Stack.

Vice City, 1986
  • BJ’s Used Autos - Pro football player BJ Smith’s Vice City dealership guarantees low prices, and hot cars.
  • Complete the Look: New Wave - Accessorize at Vice City’s one stop shop for people who dress for success.
  • Giggle Cream - It makes dessert fun!
  • “In the Future, There Will Be Robots” - The definition of modern dance. Now playing at the Vice City Arts Center.

San Andreas, 1992
  • The Cavern of Sorrow - Gather ye friends! It’s the fantasy game that’s sweeping the country.
  • Glory Hole Theme Park - Open every day. Have fun with strangers and come meet Gerry Gerbil!
  • Herr Grubbers Spa - The renowned German beautician, scientist and disciplinarian has come to San Andreas.

Liberty City, 1998
  • The Pastmaster: Patriot Edition - Available now! Your kid will learn to be a bloodthirsty hypocrite much quicker than you thought possible.

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