New L.A. Noire Items at Rockstar Warehouse

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For those looking for some Rockstar and L.A. Noire swag, check out the newest items delivered to Rockstar Warehouse for the L.A. Noire Tools and Clues Collection ...

"For the L.A. Noire completist or for anyone who can appreciate some fine quality-crafted collectibles, we've got an impressive real-life recreation of the Globe Table Lighter that makes an appearance as a clue in the game itself, along with two sinister Ransom-themed items: a slick, tactile set of Ransom letter styled magnets and the latest style in official L.A. Noire t-shirts - The Ransom Tee."

More detail and product pics below - hit up the L.A. Noire Collection area at the Rockstar Warehouse to order now while supplies last.


L.A. Noire Golden Globe Table Lighter
A clue found while working one of the Homicide desk's most notable cases, this is a faithful real-world creation of the one you pick up in the game. The refillable L.A. Noire Golden Globe Table Lighter is constructed from solid pewter, and then plated in brass to give it a substantial presence in both its closed and opened positions.


L.A. Noire Ransom Letter Magnets
The popular letter magnets get a sinister spin for when you want to leave a pointed message on the fridge for that roommate, sibling or spouse...
Spell out your note or demands with 50 letters (upper case and lower case) in various shapes and sizes.


L.A. Noire Ransom Letter Tee
Our latest all black, soft cotton tee features Rockstar Games imprinted in b&w ransom note-style lettering. The back side of the tee is emblazoned with the L.A. Noire logo right below the neckline.

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