LA Noire Crime Scenes vs Reality, 360 Degree View

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The in-game world of L.A. Noire is a faithful recreation of such areas of Los Angeles' city grid as Downtown and Hollywood, according to meticulously researched street maps and aerial photography of how they appeared and existed in 1947. So all of the game's crimes, many of which were inspired by true occurrences from one of the most violent years in L.A.'s history, are all staged at real locations with corresponding geography that still exists to this day.

With the 360° Crime Scene Viewer embedded above, you can explore full 360-degree views of some of the game's outdoor crime scenes, including "Buyer Beware" and "A Marriage Made in Heaven" - then compare them by toggling to see a perspective from the same location as it stands now in real life Los Angeles, as captured by a VR photographer who traveled to the same spot for us to see how it looks today.

To see the full size version of the viewer along with related screenshots from some of these crimes, check out the Crime Scene Viewer Feature Page on the L.A. Noire official website.

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