L.A. Noire Short Story: "What's in a Name"

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Check out the first L.A. Noire short story, "What's in a Name" by Jonathan Santlofer.

"Names can be confusing, like mine, which is John, I think, though when I learned to write, Carole said it was Jon without an h, or maybe James, and when I asked her which one, she said, Who cares?"

On the heels of this past Tuesday's announcement about L.A. Noire: The Collected Stories, a series of original short fiction inspired by the game itself, today Rockstar presents for your reading pleasure the first full story release from that collection - as they introduce you to John... or is it Jon... or maybe it's James... A story of a sociopath with high hopes, and a curious knowledge of the Los Angeles underworld. And of a young LAPD detective working to crack the latest murder case to terrify the city.

Enjoy award-winning writer, Jonathan Santlofer's "What's in a Name" in its entirety here, available to read within the site or as a downloadable PDF.

Stay tuned for more releases from the series over the coming weeks to and through the launch of L.A. Noire. And look for the full set of stories to be made available for download as an e-book on June 6th. Join us at the GTA V forums!