New Screenshots: Patrol

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In L.A. Noire, you will start your LAPD career as a Patrol Officer, which means following in the footsteps of so many lawmen before you - literally. Walking the beat and cruising your precinct's area as an officer on patrol is both how you pay your dues in the police department as well as a time-honored means of honing your skills and intuition to properly protect and serve.


As Cole Phelps, working alongside your partner Officer Ralph Dunn, you soon find that a day on patrol in 1947 Los Angeles is anything but routine.

Check out brand new screens and details from two of the crime cases you'll face while working in uniform below - and go see these in high definition along with many more at the newly launched Patrol Desk page on the official L.A. Noire site.

"Armed & Dangerous"
The call comes across your radio. A robbery in progress at the local savings and loan, shots fired. Find out just how good you are with that service-issue shotgun by helping take the crooks down and saving those in harm's way.

When on patrol, always be at the ready for emergency report calls.

Outside the Westlake Savings & Loans, you will need to be a crack shot with that service issue pump shotgun.

"Upon Reflection"
You report to the scene of a homicide, where detectives Floyd Rose and Rusty Galloway are already examining evidence. When they ask you to help track down the murder weapon its your duty, obligation... and opportunity to once again impress.

Homicide detectives Floyd Rose and Rusty Galloway ask the reporting patrolmen to help inspect the scene of the crime.

Make good use of that flashlight when investigating crime scenes at night. Vital clues may lay hidden in the dark.

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