Integrity 2.0 Preview Clip

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Rockstar have posted a new update on their website with some new audio from Lazlow's Integrity 2.0 show on The Ballad of Gay Tony.

Here's a bunch of Rockstar's favourite Lazlow quotes, as submitted by fans on their website:

Caller: "Lazlow, do you know what **** me harder means?"
Lazlow: "Woah Woah don't drop the F-bomb, this is a family show..."

"I dunno what you just said, but I bought you some malt liqour to calm you down."

Lazlow: "What are you doin' out there today, Snow Dog?"
Snow Dog: "I'm gonna wallpaper my room in black trash bags!"
Lazlow: "Classy, make sure ya spray V-Rock across it, your Mom'll love that, here's some more non-stop, help me, I'm unemployed rock!"

"Vets are so cranky! If you don't like the music, start your own radio station. It's easy!"

"Now that we've lost ninety-eight percent of our listeners, let's reward the other two percent with a commercial."