Daily Telegraph Interviews Rockstar & Team Bondi

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Check out an interview the Daily Telegraph had with Rockstar Games and Team Bondi about their upcoming detective game, L.A. Noire.


British newspaper, the Daily Telegraph recently traveled to Los Angeles to experience the technology behind L.A. Noire's facial performance scanning. Part one discussed their impressions of the game itself. The second part of the Daily Telegraph's look at L.A. Noire is now online and features an interview with Rockstar Games VP of Development, Jeronimo Barrera and Head of Team Bondi, Brendan McNamara discussing the twin development of the game and the technology that would become the foundation of L.A. Noire's lifelike and emotionally charged interrogation gameplay. Here's a snippet as Brendan discusses the news media of the period, whose coverage of real-life crimes had a huge impact on the dark and occasionally grisly content tackled in the game itself:

"When we were doing the research for the game it was an eye-opener. Back in those days you could literally have a picture on the front page of the newspaper of a woman who had been cut in half. There was a level of brutality that was accepted in that age; people had got used to it during the Second World War and that allowed for that sort of editorial judgement in a paper, which over time changed. You would never see something like that now. Plus, newspapers were coming out three or four times a day at that time and they weren’t just news, they were a sort of entertainment back then."

Read the full interview here.

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