Games TM UK Digs into L.A. Noire

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Check out the latest L.A. Noire preview from games™ UK magazine issue 104.


The British magazine traveled to Los Angeles to get a taste of the game, a glimpse of the Depth Analysis studio responsible for the incredible MotionScan technology, and to sit down with members of team behind the game including Team Bondi's Brendan McNamara and Rockstar's Jeronimo Barrera. Here's a bit of what they had to say in the feature on newsstands now throughout the UK:

"...our conversation with the b-movie actress turns to an interrogation, and we lose interest in philosophising altogether. She just will not co-operate. It's obvious she knows more than she's letting on, and not just from the fact her story has more holes than the proverbial swiss cheese. No, it's obvious because we see it in her inability to make eye contact. Or the way she's shifting from side to side or as her mouth curls up in some form of abject hatred as she hints at a feud between her dodgy husband and a local movie producer. We're used to videogame characters becoming angry, but we're not so much used to joining them... At this point we realise two important facts: the first is that Rockstar has clearly realised the power of its MotionScan technology, and the second is that L.A. Noire is drawing us in hook, line and sinker."