Upcoming Book: The Art and Science of Rockstar

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With so much success, Rockstar Games has opted to share what they have done and continue to do in order to bring people top quality video games. Next month you can pick up your own copy of the three-book set Digital + Analogue: The Art and Science of Rockstar Games by Rockstar Games themselves and published by Steidl but it won't be cheap...


"Digital + Analogue: The Art and Science of Rockstar Games
by Rockstar Games

Edition 7L

Rockstar Games creates some of pop culture’s most provocative icons. The Rockstar Games label, founded in 1998, is known for the creation of groundbreaking video games with unprecedented production values, style and depth with a dizzying range of techniques and media. Rockstar’s dedication to making the most extraordinary free-form game play captured the enthusiasm of millions of fans around the world and continues to shock those too afraid to take control.

This ultimate slip-cased Rockstar Games monograph checks in at 13.5” x 11.5” in three volumes, featuring original illustrations, wireframes, production stills, product shots, ads, inspiration and candids of the company’s games plus exclusive content on a CD/DVD. The hundreds of color photographs and never-before published video-scapes all culled from the archives of the creators will acquaint readers with the vast areas within the games that allow unparalleled freedom, and a unique experience every play.

This enormous compendium celebrates a decade of Rockstar Games with spectacular artwork and detail drawings of stunning environments (the hoods, grand canyons, asylums), death-defying tasks (races, executions, carjacks, drug runs), colorful subjects (bullies, smugglers, prisoners, hit men), and passersby with whom your characters interact, so that even a non-player may understand how exhilarating a Rockstar experience can be. Characters switch perspectives and radio stations, navigate through real time day-to-night changes and weather cycles, and participate in society with total moral freedom – actions that the company’s founder and executive producer describes as an “experiment in narrative.”

Published to coincide with Rockstar’s tenth anniversary, this timecapsule has been created with the company’s designers, and every page reflects their spectacular aesthetic. It is the ultimate Rockstar testament to the company’s history of singular moments reinventing the boundaries of style and mischief in entertainment, and setting a new standard for what is possible in interactive arts."

UK £310.00
US $450.00


Information from Google cache of Steidl website

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