Rockstar Pack At Steam Back On Sale!

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The Steam sale is back on, and coming along with it is the return of the Rockstar pack, including all GTA games (albeit GTA: London), Bully, The Max Payne series, Midnight Club 2, Wild Metal and also Manhunt.

The whole collection of those games are individually £65.90, before the Steam sale went down to £59.99 and now with an extra 25% off the final price is £44.99 or $63.74

The games are also sold seperately at 25% off each, but for the today only offer, Max Payne and Max Payne 2 are 75% off (At only £2.49 for both games or £1.49 each). Grab the Max Payne offer by 18:00 GMT time (1 PM Eastern) on June 28th, or grab the whole Rockstar pack by the 4th of July.

Special day offers may come up for seperate Rockstar games at any time. Click here to get them all!