Red Dead Redemption: Multiplayer Impressions

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Impressions from IGN, Gamespot, and more!


Some quotes:

"Red Dead Redemption's lobby system is much more than a simple place to hang out. It's massive and dynamic and puts almost any other open world game to shame. This online meeting space takes the lobby system in GTA IV to the next level. The world feels alive and interactive -- it's a true virtual sandbox. Random homesteaders will travel by. Birds fly overhead. Storms roll in and fill crevasses with water. The posse leader can place waypoints for the group, but I rarely followed them. The Red Dead lobby offered some of the most random fun I've had in a game in a long time." - IGN

"In non-team free-for-all modes, everyone then stands around in a circle, weapons drawn. You can see exactly who's aiming at you, and when the game says shoot, you fire until no one's left standing. It lends a sense of palpable anticipation to the start of each match, and is a simple, but effective way to decide who starts out with the upper hand -- an effect that's almost as exciting as the match itself." - 1UP

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