Red Dead Redemption: GameSpot Hands-On Part 2

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For those who read Part 1 of GameSpot's hands-on of Red Dead Redemption, Part 2 was tacked onto it today. The preview continues on with a mission involving Marshal Johnson and his deputies:

QUOTE: GameSpot
After an initial cutscene and the banter we've come to expect from Red Dead Redemption, we rode out with the marshal alongside and the deputies following close behind. The outlaws around the place had to be dealt with as we arrived and dismounted, which required a combination of close-up kills with long-range executions, thanks to the mix of snipers and close-quarters enemies to dispatch. This chance to play around with the various weapons on offer was entertaining; those enemies crouching behind rocks really didn't enjoy our choice of fire bottles--proto-Molotov cocktails, effectively--to flush them out of their cover, judging by their anguished screams. The accuracy possible in the sniping combined with our itchy trigger finger also led to a lucky escape for at least one sniper as he simply got his hat shot off before we had to take cover ourselves.

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