Red Dead Redemption: IGN Interview Part 5

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IGN has released Part 5 of their interview with Rockstar's Dan Houser. This segment talks about Red Dead Redemption's setting and Rockstar's goal to find the perfect mix of real and surreal features for is games.

"The challenge with a western is that we didn't want it to turn into something that's very camp,"?Dan says, citing Blazing Saddles as an example of the territory that Rockstar was keen to avoid, "But equally we didn't want it to be very pompous and so finding a balance between those was certainly a tonal challenge. It's the same kind of challenge with GTA; finding that balance and making it believable that your character is doing all these insanely crazy things but equally isn't so serious and up itself - we're always trying to do that. We might do it in a slightly different way each time but that's definitely we look at with all the games, and I suppose in short it's to trying to make the world come to life properly."

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