BTR8ION: World's First Album Created on Beaterator

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Is it really just a game? Beaterator is a small yet powerful game that has been popular among music enthusiasts. Musical group Dubspot has been spreading the game to schools, making instructional videos, and now one of their members, DJ Kiva, has released an album of songs made with the game, titled BTR8ION.

Quote: Rockstar
The crew at Dubspot were among the first to recognize the potential of Beaterator for PSP, working with us to reach out to schools using Beaterator as a music production teaching tool. They also created some great instructional videos to help the crew come to grips with some of Beaterator's more advanced features.

Just to prove just how powerful and versatile Beaterator is, Dubspot's DJ Kiva has created an entire album using Beaterator - and it's awesome. Set up like an old school mixtape, Kiva uses Beaterator's sequencer, sampler and tools to mix up live instrumentation, spoken word, vocals and samples to create a smooth collection of beats ranging from classic old school hip-hop to head-nodding reggae, deep house, subatomic dubstep basslines and more.

Listen to the album here.