Red Dead Redemption- First Impressions

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This past Tuesday, the first of a new round of previews of Red Dead Redemption went live worldwide, alongside Rockstar's feature-packed video introduction to the game featuring four minutes of pure gameplay and details. Here's just a sample of the response from around the web:

"If our first impression of the game left us feeling like Red Dead was a repurposed Grand Theft Auto experience, then our latest sit-down with the game has set the record straight: Red Dead Redemption has its own flavour now, and the quality and originality is undeniable...NaturalMotion's Euphoria, our personal vote for best software innovation of recent years, has a lot to answer for here. This procedurally generated AI-driven system takes ideas tested in Grand Theft Auto IV and ramps them up significantly in Red Dead Redemption." - IGN Australia

"The game’s greatest triumph may not necessarily be the cool, slow-motion shooting of the Dead Eye mechanic or the sidequests. It’s that classic feeling, synonymous with Rockstar games that, in these sprawling, relentlessly detailed open locations, every key moment will feel entirely unique to the individual." - Nowgamer

"The gunplay looks heavyweight and satisfying with body specific damage and realistic reactions. There's hand-to-hand combat and knife fighting to look forward to, as well as countless mini-games and distractions to keep you occupied... As open-world games go, Redemption nails the Wild West setting brilliantly, providing a genuinely captivating and visually stunning sense of time and place." - Play TM

"Rockstar’s soon-to-be-a-classic" - Gamesradar