9 More Infamous GTA Radio Ads

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The Advertising Council of Liberty City, Vice City and San Andreas has rounded up another batch of classic radio spots, including a few vintage spots from television classics 'Angel & The Knight" and "LAW". Hear them all at www.rockstargames.com/advertisingcouncil and check out preview below.


Vice City, 1984
  • Angel & The Knight (as heard below): Tuesday nights at 7. Hot air balloon chases, fist fights and country music car chases – plus exploding boats!
Vice City, 1986
  • Pit Bomb: When you’re fighting the war against personal hygiene – bring out the heavy artillery.
  • Rusty Brown’s Ring Donuts: How do YOU like to enjoy a Rusty Brown’s Ring Donut?
  • Salivex: It’s more than just saliva in a can!
San Andreas, 1992
  • Creative Plastic Surgery: Your body is a work of art – why leave it half finished?
  • LAW: They play hard. And they work hard. Really hard. Catch it Thursdays on Weazel.
  • Logger: The beer that brought the forest down.
Liberty City, 1998
  • Join the Liberty City Police Department: Get on a powertrip that lasts a lifetime! Become one of Liberty City’s finest.
  • The Maibatsu Womb: It’s the minivan any man can be proud to drive.

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