Play a Real Life Degenatron

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The Grand Theft Auto series has progressed quite a lot over the years but video games as a whole have come a long way. Check out a flashback to a time when graphics were... well, not quite what we have today. Rockstar has an "emulated" Degenatron from Vice City that you can play for yourself, if you have never checked out these games within the game in the past 10 years:

Play above or embed it on your own website. The games you can play are:

Defender of the Faith - "Save the green dots with your fantastic red square!"

Monkey's Paradise - "Swing from green dot to green dot with your red square monkey!"

Penetrator - "Smash the green dots deep inside the mysterious red square!"

Give them a shot - you might be surprised how challenging these simple games can be - and join us at the Grand Theft Auto V forums!