Rockstar Event Details: GTA IV On PC December 2nd

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Get ready for the next official Social Club multiplayer event this Friday, December 2nd, with a three hour PC session of Grand Theft Auto IV plus Episodes from Liberty City from 4-7PM Eastern Time US on Games for Windows LIVE!


The occassion happens to fall on the 3rd anniversary of the release of Grand Theft Auto IV for PC so Rockstar is stocking the event sweepstakes Rockstar Prize Packs with original collectible GTA IV foam fingers, lapel pin sets, license plates, t-shirts and large character stickers. They're also inviting some special guest players from the GTA fansite community to join the action as they get down and dirty from Cops n' Crooks to GTA Race to Team Deathmatch and also playing modes by request from the episodes The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony.

Here's a list of a few of the esteemed GTA community luminaries who've RSVP'd to join us this Friday. Feel free to add their Gamertags, listed below:
  • chicagoenigma of @RockstarNetwork - Gamertag Chicago Enigma
  • Gamerzworld of @RockstarWatch - Gamertag Gamerzworld
  • Chris of @TheGTAPlace - Gamertag LazyPyro88
  • Gboyers from @GrandTheftWiki - Gamertag GJBoyers
  • SimpsonsFan007 of @PlayingGTA - Gamertag SimpsonsFan007
  • Joker64 of @GTATurk - Gamertag Joker0064
  • Rafioso of @GTAvision - Gamertag GVRafioso
  • RoamPTof @gtaportugal - Gamertag RoamPT
  • Reverie of @GTAWarehouse - Gamertag JCMoorehead
  • Jared of @RockstarWatch - Gamertag JaredLinwood
  • Zidane of @gtagaming - Gamertag Ottomancer
  • sdr of @GTAthegame - Gamertag dawidpajak
  • Daniel of @GTASeries - Gamertag THE M4D J0K3R
  • Nicholas of @GTASeries - Gamertag alessioseries
  • Psy of @iGrandTheftAuto - Gamertag Psyware
  • Rathel of @GTAPlace - Gamertag Rathel21
  • mátéka of @GTAPlace - Gamertag Levaimate
  • Hannibal of @GTAPlace - Gamertag gilgames1989

  • GwRockstar1
  • GwRockstar2
  • GwRockstar3
  • GwRockstar4

Everything begins in GTA Race in Grand Theft Auto IV. It's optional but always good to get a Grand Theft Auto party going in Party Mode with some friends. Once you're ready and the event has begun, start up GTA Race. Rockstar players will be scattered through a number of different lobbies to allow for the maximum amount of people to play.

As always, stay up to date on which modes they're in during the event by following the chat on the Social Club Multiplayer Event page.

Can't reach a gaming PC during our play time? You can still follow everything at the Social Club Multiplayer Event page with the live streaming broadcast. Rockstar will also have the chat box running during the event for those that want to discuss the action with fellow fans.

Hit up the chat box during the event or plan ahead and coordinate your party by posting your Gamertag in the Comments section below.

Party Mode is an easy way to get your group together and find matches. Here are the 3 quick and easy steps to get you up and running:
  1. To get started, fire up the in-game mobile phone by pressing "Up" on the D-pad. Navigate to Party Mode.
  2. From here, open up your phone again and select the Friends option to invite your friends (you need at least one more friend to play with Rockstar).
  3. Once your team is ready to roll and the event has begun, open up the in-game phone again and select GTA Race.

Join us at the Grand Theft Auto 5 forums!