Mercenaries - Brilliant GTA4 Fan Made Video

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I've just been sent a GTA Machinima video from a guy called Artur which I personally think is one of the best GTA-themed videos I've ever seen. If you've got a spare 6 minutes I strongly recommend you check this out.

I'm not even sure how it was made to be honest. GTA4 PC features a very useful video editor, but some of the character animations and blur effects, along with the dramatic soundtrack are not things which would have been easy to put together, so a lot of credit has to go to Artur for the effort put into the video. I've spent hours on videos on the past and I know how much work goes into even something simple, so I'm honored to give this video the publicity it deserves.


I bring to Your attention a video of my own production, based on on the GTA IV game engine, titled "Mercenaries".
At the moment, video is broadcast on the official channel on YouTube. I'll be frank with You - video needs more views.

Thanks for Your attention!

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