IV is II Years Old

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For anyone that didn't realize, Grand Theft Auto IV was officially released two years ago today.


GTA IV was Rockstar's fourth plunge into creating Liberty City. This time they went all out to make a condensed replica of New York City complete with many landmarks.

It was also a leap forward for GTA multiplayer, and Rockstar themselves, bringing the mayhem of stealing cars and shooting random people to the online realm.


We started with Niko Bellic and his American-titty-obsessed cousin Roman trying to make a better life in the USA; which was hard because Roman got in deep with criminals. We met plenty of different and strange people through out the city and a few times we had choices to make.


All in all, a great game that set the bar higher. Rockstar continues to raise that bar with every addition to GTA and other games too.

So today we say HAPPY BIRTHDAY IV!