GTA III Mobile Reviews + Modding

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If you still haven't picked up Grand Theft Auto III for mobile devices then check out some reviews of the game to convince you to get off your butt:

"The great thing about GTA III is Rockstar has given the keys to the game’s control scheme to the player. Don’t like how small certain on-screen inputs are? Resize them to your taste. Are you lefty? There’s a setting for that. Want all of the user interface to be microscopic so you can enjoy all of the wonderful HD detail? Yep, you can do that too. In other words, there should be no complaints about the game’s controls as it’s completely customizable." - InToMobile

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"GTAIII looks and sounds amazing. The game’s graphics have actually been improved from the console version with an increased drawn-in distance equivalent to the updated, PC-version of GTAIII." - Mashable

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"It’s the whole great big game you remember-- radio stations and all-- and it's on your iOS device.... Rockstar Games has done something fairly incredible here. They’ve taken one of the biggest, best, and most important games in the history of the medium, and ported it, fully intact, to a cell phone. This is a game that pushed the limits of the PlayStation 2 when it came out 10 years ago, and recent iOS devices can handle it without breaking a sweat." - Slide To Play

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It didn't take long at all for people to start opening up their new-old game and play around with the files. Halfway through launch day, videos and tutorials were popping up across the internet. Some have simply altered values while others have completely modded vehicles into the game...

Webmaster Psy had some fun altering the wheel size of an ambulance by editing text values in the handling data:


Image has a nifty tutorial and video to start really modding:

If you have more reviews or cool modifications to add, let us know! Join us at the GTA V forums!