New Chinatown Wars Social Club Features

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As Rockstar's ever changing game lineup evolve and expands, so does the Rockstar Social Club! Of course today's release of the PSP version of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars is no exception!

They have updated the Social Club with new minigames and activities that will not only be fun to play online, but will also help you out in-game as well!

Of course it's important to let everyone know that not only will these new features be compatible with the older DS version of the game, the older Social Club features (such as Mr. Wong's Laundry and Guardian Lions) will be fully compatible the new PSP version.

The three new features are:

The Peking Duck Hunt minigame will have you working as an assistant chef in the kitchen of the world famous Sum Yung Gai restaurant! Your job will be to chop up ingredients to fill and then roll as many moo shu pancakes as possible before time runs out. Doing so will allow you to earn money to use in-game, as well as offer up the chance to unlock Bulletproof Patriot for purchase in-game!

The Chinatown Wars Guide Map will be there to help you discover all that Liberty City has to offer! It'll show you the exact location of each and every last Drug Dealer, Security Camera, Rampage, and Stunt Jump in the city. You'll also be able to compare what you've discovered with your friends via the comparison tool!

Take note that destroying all of the Security Cameras with the help of the Guide Map will unlock a Special Something that will make your time in Liberty City a lot more profitable!


The Chinatown Wars Downloads section has also been updated! You can now download papercraft models from all over Liberty City. Who wouldn't want a personal bust of Ling or Uncle Kenny? Or even your own reproduction of world-famous vehicles like the Stallion or the Infernus!

Sync up your DS or PSP version of Chinatown Wars and enjoy all these cool new features!