More GTA V PC Screenshots

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Since we have quite a wait left for the PC version of GTA V to arrive, Rockstar has given us 15 brand new screenshots showcasing some of the detail and refinements that PC players can expect in Grand Theft Auto V. They also remind everyone to pre-order by March 31st to get a bonus $300,000 of in-game cash for GTA Online (that's on top of the $1,200,000 of in-game cash that all pre-orders - either physical copy or digital download - will receive).

Here are a few of the new screens. Take a look at them all in the screenshot gallery.

Keep an eye out for more GTAV info in the weeks ahead including a new trailer and a look at the PC version's powerful new Rockstar Editor for making your own original custom videos. Enjoy and join us at the GTA 5 forums!