"I'm Not a Hipster" Update Out Now.

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Announcing things ahead of time is such a corporate strategy. Rockstar has surprised GTA fans with a brand new content pack for Grand Theft Auto V titled the "I'm Not a Hipster" Update. Contrary to the title, most of the new items - including clothing, tattoos, weapons and vehicles - are hipster related. Let's take a look...


Choose from seven new vehicles including classic nostalgia rides like the Glendale, Warrener, Blade and Rhapsody – affordable cars that seem casual on the surface, but have hidden potential to be unleashed with a few modifications. The environmentally conscious set can check out the Panto microcar, while those looking to roll with their Crew in more ostentatious style can add the massive 3-axel, 6-seater Dubsta (unlocks at Rank 100) to their fleet.

A tuned up Rhapsody and Warrener hit the streets.

Even Ammu-Nation is getting in on the latest non-ironic trends with the Vintage Pistol and Antique Cavalry Dagger now in stock. Make sure to try all these out in the slew of new Jobs, as part of your long arduous journey to become one of Los Santos' effortlessly cool.

Along with today's update, gear up for 12 new Jobs across an assortment of game modes, including Races that provide showcase opportunities for these new retro rides, a Deathmatch in Puerta Del Sol, two new Captures and more! There are also three new Gang Attacks in Chumash, East Vinewood and Mirror Park.

The brand new Dubsta unlocks at Rank 100 and can accommodate up to 6 players, perfect for rolling out in force with Crew members.

There are also tons of tweaks and updates made to Grand Theft Auto Online as part of this update. It also includes a host of other adjustments, game tuning and exploit fixes. For the complete list, please visit the Rockstar Support article here.

Enjoy and look out for more content info soon (hopefully including heists...) as well as an event weekend this weekend! Join us at the GTA 5 forums!