GTA V Midnight Release Locator for US and UK

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Rockstar has posted a useful tool for North American and UK fans to help find stores near you that are having midnight releases of GTA 5. Enter your info and it will list stores closest to you:

Rockstar adds:

"For fans in the NYC area, we'll be hosting a special midnight opening at the GameStop location in Union Square. Stop by and check out the custom Bravado Banshee, score some limited GTAV promo gear and of course get your hands on a copy of the game promptly at midnight.

We'll also be visiting GameStop stores in and around New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle & Boston. If you pre-ordered at a 24 hour Walmart location, get a Grand Theft Auto V logo keychain (while supplies last). Best Buy will be giving out exclusive character posters at their midnight launch events (while supplies last). Additionally, locations across Canada, the UK, and Europe will also be hosting midnight launch events."

We're almost there! Check out the GTA 5 forums!