Official GTA V Website Update 3, New Screens & Art

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Rockstar has updated the official GTA V website once again and have unlocked the "Security & Peace of Mind", "Fitness and Relaxation", and "Exciting Music & Entertainment" sections. Of course there are new screenshots added as well.


Security & Peace of Mind
The Los Santos Police Department is famous for tackling crime in the most aggressive and unhinged way possible, while private security firms like Gruppe 6 and Merryweather Security have a financial interest in saving your assets. Sponsored by Ammu-Nation – Protecting Your Rights.

Fitness & Relaxation
Vanity is at an all-time high and we're an athlete and fitness buff's paradise. Fancy a bit of tennis? We've got world class courts and stiff competition. Into cycling? Grab a bike for a lovely ride along the Los Santos beachfront or a punishing path through the mountains and hillsides of Blaine County. Or take part in a challenging triathlon of swimming, running and biking designed to pit egomaniacs against each other in a test of who exercises professionally the best. Sponsored by EGO CHASER Energy Bars - an energy bar that's all about you. Watch the commercial!

Exciting Music & Entertainment
For those stuck in traffic, tune in to the Los Santos radio dial for a wide range of music styles to choose from - check out radio station previews of Radio Los Santos and Channel X plus Rebel Radio, East Los FM, West Coast Classics, Fly Lo FM and Vinewood Boulevard Radio. Stay tuned for more radio station previews to come.

In the Home Entertainment section, you can watch a special preview of CNT's Fall TV Line Up, with clips from The Underbelly of Paradise, Impotent Rage and Moorehead Rides Again as well as a sneak preview of Kung Fu Rainbow Lazer Force, the upper-middle class super hero team coming to Weazel TV’s family values entertainment programming this fall.


In addition to the website update, Rockstar has also released the official artwork for Lester - who has been spotted a few times in recent trailers and videos:

Click for largest size

Get it in various sizes for your desktop or mobile device from Rockstar downloads here.

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