IGN's GTA Online Hands-On Preview

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IGN continues their week-long coverage with their hands-on preview of GTA Online. They've broken it down into 10 things to do - a few we know, others we don't - and elaborate a little about each point. Check them out below along with some new screenshots:


  • Rob a Liquor Store Together... and Then Betray Each Other - many places to rob, many options of how
  • Race Your Friends... and Hope Your Other Friends Don't Get in the Way - races can be started at anytime, go anywhere
  • Steal a Frickin' Plane... and Land it Safely While Your Friends Escort You - many big heists to play as well
  • Full Multiplayer Golf and Tennis - minigames from GTA V singleplayer are in GTA Online (you can also wear masks too)
  • Chill Out at Your House and Spark a Bowl - chill, watch TV, hit a bong
  • The Most Popular Missions Bubble Up - Vote for the next mission to do, Rockstar will cut the unpopular ones eventually
  • Go to the Movies - More singleplayer activities available in GTA Online
  • ATM... but Not the Gross Version You'd Probably Expect GTA to Make a Joke About - Deposit or withdraw from ATMs or use your phone to transfer funds
  • Create Your Own Missions - Because why not? Challenge yourself or your friends
  • Visit a Strip Club - Yes, there is a "make is a rain" button. Don't touch the girls too much or you'll get kicked out.

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