Game Informer's GTA V Issue Out Now

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The first of many GTA 5 previews is now available digitally from Game Informer! Their 18 page spread reveals what makes GTA V so awesome... And it starts with three protagonists!

Trevor, Franklin, and Michael

Quick breakdown from

  • Biggest world in the series' history. Aaron Garbut says it is larger than RDR, GTA IV, and SA combined including interior spaces - that's friggin' big!
  • Map includes city, wilderness, desert, Mt. Chiliad, military base, and fully detailed ocean floor including coral beds
  • Can switch between three protagonists at any time off-mission, certain missions allow changes during them
  • Multiple protags chosen due to IV+EFLC success
  • Switching reduces "flat spots" during stories
  • Play as protagonist and antogonist, stories cross each other
  • Switching protags is like entering Google Earth
    • Michael: Old guy from first trailer, retired bank robber, in witness protection, lives in Rockford Hills (Similar to Beverly Hills), has wife (Amanda) and children (Tracy the teen and Jimmy the 20-year-old)
    • Trevor: Balding guy living in a trailer in the desert of Blaine County, friend of Michael
    • Franklin: repossesses cars, possibly one of many tasks from his boss.
  • Pedestrians have more reactions to you (giving the middle finger, etc)
  • Can douse things in gas and leave a trail for later ignition
  • Ammunation is back
  • All protags have lives outside of your control
  • Each protag has skillsets and personalities
  • Complex missions happen earlier
  • Many heist missions
  • Protags can work together in certain missions, sometimes all three
  • Rappeling, possibly off-mission ability
  • Planes available very early
  • Many side missions and minigames including yoga and a full golf course. Some minigames specific to a protag.
  • No RPG elements (fat/muscle) but you can change clothing like GTA IV
  • TV will return among other "odd" things for a video game
  • No girlfriends but there are regular friends/family for each protag:
    • Lamar: crazy friend of Franklin
    • Amanda: Michael's wife in a rocky relationship
    • Jimmy: Michael's pothead son
    • Ron: Trevor's paranoid neighbor
  • Some familiar faces from GTA IV will return but no Niko and no PS2-era characters.
  • No property but plenty of other stuff to do with money throughout your gameplay experience
  • The phone makes a return
  • Random, optional side quests like in RDR will return. Talk with hitchhikers, nab a purse-snatcher, etc
  • Crews will be improved for GTA V's multiplayer
  • Less celebrities in the cast like GTA IV
  • Extremely detailed world including pedestrians and lawn sprinklers.

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