RDR Stuntman Resume Says V, Corrected to IV

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Wasn't going to post this, but why stop the GTA V train so soon?

A day after sharing Rockstar's new GTA 5 websites, sleuth "Supererogatory" provided links to professional stuntman Declan Mulvey's resume that stated he had worked on Grand Theft Auto V for motion capture. The resume was later corrected to GTA IV (a simple typo) along with an email to TheGameFanatics.com who questioned him.

But there's some little weird things...
  • The original resume (still available through Google's quick view here) mentioned L.A. Noire, but after the correction it was ommitted.
  • His official website only mentions Red Dead Redemption. No GTA or L.A. Noire (may not have updated with Noire yet)
  • Not credited in GTA IV, but not everyone behind the scenes are always credited or named. Even in movies.

Take these as you will. So what do YOU think? Mistake? Cover up? Let us know in the comments below.