Female Lead? Brand New City? Tells Us Your Opinion

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With the GTA rumor mill starting up, it's the perfect time to get your thoughts about the next Grand Theft Auto game out in the open and discuss with other GTA fans! iGrandTheftAuto.com gives you plenty of ways to share!

Take part in the various discussions in our Grand Theft Auto V forums. Check out a few below:

If you want a more personal written opinion, why not blog about your ideas and read other member's? It's also a good way to blow off steam after a hard day too!

"My friend said ________ is this true???" You can submit questions to our GTA V Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) which help others looking for the same answer.

Got some artistic talent? Submit images of what you think the next GTA will look like or even the boxart. You could be the next "leaked" screenshot to hit the net!

The next GTA isn't too far off so get talking and submitting to iGrandTheftAuto.com! Fans do have input! Share your ideas and the next game might just have it!