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As an expansion pack for the original Grand Theft Auto IV, The Lost and Damned retains many of the gameplay features from the original game. Of course, this doesn't mean there aren't any additions.

Checkpoint System

Perhaps the biggest improvement in gameplay is the addition of a checkpoint system during longer missions. If the player dies, they can repeat the mission starting at the beginning of the sequence they failed in. The lack of a checkpoint or saving mechanic during later, more complex missions has been a long-standing flaw of the Grand Theft Auto series so this was a welcome addition to the game. Unfortunately, the pack does not add checkpoint functionality to Niko's story.

Improved Bike Handling

As a veteran in The Lost Motorcycle Club, Johnny knows how to ride a bike. This is reflected in the improved bike handling in The Lost and Damned. The player is no longer launched face-first down the road after hitting the most miniscule obstacles, and slides are easier to control.

New Weapons

  • Grenade Launcher: A single-shot grenade launcher that fires grenades much further than they can be thrown by hand. Perfect for bouncing off walls and around corners to eliminate many enemies in a confined area at once.
  • Assault Shotgun: A fully automatic shotgun that fires eight high-powered shotgun rounds within a couple of seconds. Great for taking out groups of enemies or destroying vehicles, or generally shredding anything that happens to get in the way, usually leaving a nice red pattern on the pavement.
  • Sawn-Off Shotgun: Short-range, even for a shotgun, and it can only fire two rounds at once, but you can fire it from a motorbike ala T2 so who cares?
  • Pool Cue: It's a bat, biker's style.
  • Pipe bomb: A homemade explosive device with a devastating blast radius. Great for rolling into enemy bases or under chasing cars.
  • Automatic 9mm: More powerful and more accurate than a submachine gun, but has a smaller clip, compensated by the fact you can find ammo for it literally everywhere. Brilliant for drive-bys.

New Vehicles

New motorbikes:
  • Angel
  • Bati 800
  • Bati Custom
  • Daemon
  • Diabolus
  • Double T
  • Double T Custom
  • Hakuchou
  • Hakuchou Custom
  • Hellfury
  • Hexer
  • Innovation
  • Lycan
  • Nightblade
  • Revenant
  • Wayfarer
  • Wolfsbane
Other new vehicles:
  • Gang Burrito
  • Slamvan
  • Towtruck

Terry and Clay

Two of your closest allies in The Lost Motorcycle Club, Terry and Clay can also be used to your advantage outside of the main storyline. Terry can be contacted to bring his vans to a location near the player and can be used to buy cheap weapons and armour. Clay can be asked to deliver a bike of the player's choice directly to them, anywhere in Liberty City.

Gang Wars

Fight for control over the districts of Liberty City! In gang wars, the object is to eliminate the targets on the minimap. You can bring Terry and Clay for assistance, but if they get too badly injured, they will flee. As you progress through the gang wars, the number of targets will increase, along with their firepower. After hitting certain levels, weapon pick-ups will regularly spawn at your safehouse(s).

Bike Races

Armed with nothing but a trusty baseball bat, the player must race against seven other opponents (one of which is either Terry or Clay - but don't think they'll be going easy on you) around one of twelve tracks across Liberty City. You can use your bat to send the opposition off course, or power it up to wipe them out completely.


The Lost and Damned has roughly one-third of the number of missions as the original GTA IV. It will take an average player 10-15 hours to complete the main storyline, although a bit less if they choose to ignore all of the side-missions and other activities. 100% completion (without a guide to find all of the seagulls) could easily take over 30 hours.