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Johnny Klebitz

Vice-president of The Lost Motorcycle Club, but acting as president while Billy Grey is locked up in court-ordered rehab. He is the main protagonist in The Lost and Damned.

Voiced by Scott Hill.

Billy Grey

Billy is the leader of The Lost M.C., and is responsible for most of the violence between The Lost and the other gangs in Liberty City, most notably The Angels of Death.

Jim Fitzgerald

'Jimmy' is the treasurer of The Lost M.C. He doesn't agree with the violence towards The Angels of Death. He is later killed by Niko Bellic as the story intertwines with the original game.

Voiced by Dennis Predovic.

Clay Simons

Clay is the road captain for The Lost M.C., and is believed to be a veteran of war. If Johnny needs a new bike, Clay will be the one to deliver it.

Terry Thorpe

Terry is the gang's main gun-runner and will sell Johnny weapons cheaply from the back of his Slamvan.

Angus Martin

A Lost M.C. member paralysed by an accident caused by Billy Grey, Angus is no longer an active member of the gang. However, he regular sends Johnny emails where he demonstrates his distaste for Billy and Brian. Johnny can call Angus for motorcycle theft jobs, which are similar to Brucie and Stevie's missions in the original game.

Brian Jeremy

Brian is a senior member within The Lost M.C. and is loyal to Billy Grey. He does not like Johnny Klebitz, but soon meets his maker at the hands of the protagonist and (optionally) Terry and Clay.

Ashley Butler

Ashley is Johnny's ex-girlfriend, and has recently been getting into trouble with the police and other not-nice people for her persistent drug abuse. A close associate of Ray Boccino.

Voiced by Traci Godfrey.

Jason Michaels

Jason is a new member of The Lost M.C. He is dating Mikhail Faustin's daughter, Anna, but is later killed by Niko Bellic on orders from Mikhail.