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Gang War Rewards

Complete the following number of gang wars to earn the relevant weapon pickup, which will regularly spawn at the clubhouse and in the safehouse.
  • 10 Wars - Sawn-off Shotgun
  • 20 Wars - Automatic 9mm Pistol
  • 30 Wars - Carbine Rifle
  • 40 Wars - Assault Shotgun
  • 50 Wars - Grenade Launcher

Unlockable Vehicles

Meet the requirements to unlock the relevant vehicle at your safehouse.
  • Bati 800 - Complete Angus' bike theft missions
  • Hokuchou - Complete 12 single player bike races
  • Innovation - Kill all 50 seagulls

Unlockable deliverable weapons

After completing the mission listed below, you can call Jim to deliver the relevant weapon to your safehouse.
  • Automatic 9mm Pistol - Complete 'Bad Cop Drop'
  • Pipe Bombs - Complete 'Hit The Pipe'
  • Micro SMG - Complete 'Clean And Serene'
  • Sawn-off Shotgun - Complete 'Clean and Serene'

Remove Ammo Limit

Once you get 100% completion, the ammo limit for your weapons will be removed. This means that once you can stock up on as much ammo as you like and go on a spree. Note that any ammo you have over the limit will be lost if you save and re-load the game.