That Special Someone

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After destroying the trucks in "Liquidize The Assets", you'll be told that UL Papers will be in contact when Darko Brevic has been flown into the country. You'll soon receive a call telling you that he's in, and he's been dropped at the cargo section at the airport. The UL Papers guy will tell you that from now on, you're on your own. Niko calls Roman and tells him that Darko is in the country. Roman wants to come with you.

Collecting Roman

Grab a vehicle, or take a taxi and meet Roman on Firefly Island. Once you get to Roman, it's time to head to the airport. Get a car, or call for a cab and go to the yellow blip on your GPS at the airport. Head inside, past the security barrier. Walk into the yellow mission objective marker and watch the cutscene.

Kill Darko Brevic Or Let Him Live?

You'll find out that Darko killed Niko's friends for just one thousand dollars. Niko is furious but Roman tells him that it looks like Darko's live is fucked up enough and that you should just let him suffer. You'll then be given a choice. Do you want to let Darko live, or kill him?

CHOICE 1: Kill Him

If you kill him, Niko will perform a brilliant execution and then shout at his dead body about revenge. Niko will explain how he thought getting revenge on Darko would make him feel better, but he just feels empty now. He seems kind of depressed.

CHOICE 2: Let Him Live

Roman will tell you that you did the right thing. Niko is very angry about letting the man he has chased for 10 years just walk away. Niko decides that killing Darko wouldn't have made any difference anyway. He says living is hard, but in death is closure. He hopes that living with the regret will be a huge burden on Darko.

The Choice Is Made

Regardless of what you choose, Roman will ask you to take him back to Brucie's. Get a taxi there, or grab a car and drive. Roman will invite you in, but Niko wants to be left alone.

CHOICE 1: Phone Call

If you chose to kill Darko, Niko will call Bernie and tell him that Darko is dead. Bernie says that's good and that you should forget about your past and think about your new life in America now.

CHOICE 2: Phone Call

If you chose to save him, Niko will call Bernie and tell him he walked away and let Darko live. Bernie will praise you for your decision and tell you that you won. You went through this pain for twelve or thirteen years, and when it all came down to it, you were the bigger man and walked away.

Mission Passed!


Mission Tips

  • There's nothing to say about this one. It makes no difference to the story at all whether you kill Darko or let him live, it's entirely down to what you want to do.
  • Niko shoots Darko 12 times if you decide to execute him.