Liquidize The Assets

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The Ancelotti's are in league with the Russians and they're selling drugs. The guys need you to head over to a grocery warehouse in Alderney City and destroy all of the vans they use to transport their drugs.

Cocaine Compound

Grab a taxi, or a car and make your way to the compound. As you approach the main gate, you'll see a short cutscene showing you how many enemies are inside the compound. There's a lot.


Jump over the fence to the right of the gate, then make your way around to the back of the building. You'll find a dumpster which you can climb on, then onto a roof, onto the wall and you can then make your way up to the main roof using the ventilation pipes.

Take cover as soon as you get onto the roof. You'll notice the snipers watching over everything from their vantage points. Quietly climb onto the roof and make your way up the ladder.

Great Vantage Point

The sniper up here will hear you anyway, so kill him, and then you'll face the tedious task of killing everyone in the yard below. Some guys will also come up the stair case onto the roof where you are, so kill anyone who comes up. There's body armour on the roof next to the entrance to the stair well.

Destroying The Vans

Once you've picked off as many of the enemies as you can, head downstairs and shoot the van at the bottom of the stairs, just outside the door. From my experience, it seems vehicles will catch fire quicker if you shoot right at the front of the engine grill, so fire a quite a few rounds at that. Once the vehicles catch on fire, it's just a case of waiting for them to explode. There's no need to waste any more ammo.

A Little Tip

My personal preference is to head through the whole compound and kill ALL of the enemies, then simply drive all of the vans so they're next to each other and set one of them on fire. A massive fireball will take them all out, and you'll save ammo.

Coke Yard Slaughter

After you've gone down the stairs and exited the building, head through the yard and kill any more people who come at you. Take cover behind some of the wood, or the concrete steps and objects scattered around the area.

Once all of the enemies are dead, you need to destroy all of the black vans.

Mission Passed!
Reward: $14,500


Mission Tips

  • Make sure you've got some body armour before starting this mission. There is some on one of the first rooftops though.
  • Kill all of the enemies, then park the vans next to each other and set one on fire to take them all out.
  • After the mission, you'll receive a call about Darko Brevic which will start a new mission instantly after you accept it.