She's A Keeper

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Gerry tells you that your girl's old boyfriend is back in town and he wants to try and get her back. Says you need to take her out in Algonquin.

Pick Her Up

Grab a vehicle and head to the safe house. Once you get there, head through the doors on the bottom floor into the back, or just pull up in the back alley next to the parked car. You'll see a short cutscene where Gracie will be placed into your trunk. You need to get her to a destination across town, but the Ancelotti's are after you.

To The Pay N' Spray

You can't damage the car too much or you'll kill Gracie, so drive carefully. Ancelotti's guys will be constantly shooting at you, but it should be a fairly simple drive to the alley next to the Pay N' Spray.

Once you arrive, Packie will take over.

Mission Passed!
Reward: $9,750


Mission Tips

  • The mission is pretty simple. Just drive to the destination marked on the GPS without crashing too much.
  • Ancelotti's guys will leave you alone not long after you get onto Algonquin.