A Revenger's Tragedy

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You'll receive a text message from Little Jacob asking you to meet him. Once you arrive at the destination and get in the car, he'll tell you that he's followed some of Pegorino's men to the building just on your right, and that he believes they'll lead them to Pegorino and Dimitri. He also informs you of Pegorino and Dimitri's new found friendship.

The cutscene begins, and once the mobsters exit the building, they are aware of Niko and Jacob immediately. However, due to a meeting with the 'Peg', they'd rather not get in trouble for missing that, and try to shake off the company instead.

Chase The Mobsters

You now have control of the vehicle. The mobsters will start firing at you for the first few seconds, but other than that they do not pose much of a threat and all you need to do is concentrate on keeping track of the car. There shouldn't be any complications doing so since both yours and their car are relatively slow (in comparison to say, a Turismo), but they do pull a few tricks and you must effectively use your brakes to avoid being caught out by this.

The Old Casino

After you've followed them towards Jimmy's house, a cutscene begins where Niko and Jacob arrive at the Old Casino where Jimmy and Dimitri are hiding. Niko spectacularly skids his car across the road and slides across the hood to take cover from incoming fire. Niko and Jacob have a chat, and Niko convinces Jacob to not fight, and instead get him transport out of there. Once Jacob's gone, you'll resume play.

Scream, Aim, Fire

This bit is fairly easy providing you take your time and stay in cover. Use the auto-aim to eliminate the three guys on the rooftop to the right, and again to lock on to the targets that are hiding behind the cars. Once you've killed all of those you can see from your position, advance forward and take cover behind whatever is available. Once they're all dead, head towards the entrance door and prepare to go inside. When you reach the door you'll receive a text message from Jacob telling you to keep your eyes on the sky.

Inside The Casino

Take cover to the side of the door and carefully eliminate the enemies inside. Watch out for the guy on the stairs to the left as well as those behind various pieces of cover in front of you. Once the room is clear, grab the health pack from the portacabin and go through the archway.

Keep Your Friends Close...

A cutscene will begin where you'll see Dimitri execute Pegorino, then flee to the roof. Run up the stairs to the roof and pick off the four or so enemies waiting up here. No cover is required, a submachine gun should do the job fairly quickly. Climb on to the roof on your right and move to the other side of it to trigger another cutscene.

Hang Time

Dimitri and a goon have made off in a helicopter, which Niko manages to grab on to. The goon kicks Niko off into the water however, right next to a boat.

Land, Sea & Air

Get into the boat and immediately chase after Dimitri's helicopter. He'll start to fire rockets at you, so be careful, but it's absolutely crucial you keep close to the chopper. After some rocket dodging for a good few minutes, and you literally do have to dodge out of the way or you'll die, Little Jacob arrives in an Annihilator helicopter. Keep moving forward and Jacob will lower himself towards your boat. A little mission blip appears underneath the helicopter and you need to drive your boat underneath Jacob's helicopter before it's too late. If you make it in time, Niko will leap from the boat to the helicopter. Tap the sprint button repeatedly to get into the chopper.

The Final Flight

You now are commandeering the helicopter. Keep on Dimitri's tail and watch out for his rockets. Don't bother shooting him because you can't damage his bird. Jacob will eventually shoot Dimitri's Maverick down, but you also get hit too and another cutscene begins showing both helicopters crashing landing on Happiness Island.

No Happiness Here

Dimitri makes a run for it and a load of his henchmen are waiting for you. Pick off as many as you can, then chase after Dimitri. Once you reach him, behind some trees and bushes, you'll need to empty a few rounds into him to finish him off.

Once he's dead, watch the final cutscene.

Mission Passed!


Mission Tips

  • DEFINITELY stock up on ammo and armour before this mission.
  • If you fail at any point after the car chase, using the restart mission text message will skip you straight to the shootout.
  • Remember to dodge the rockets from the helicopter when you're driving the boat.
  • DO NOT drive straight behind the helicopter in the boat, keep switching from side to side to avoid the rockets.
  • Take your time at the shooting parts and use cover to your advantage.
  • Pick up the health and armour, and also collect all weapons from dead enemies once you've cleared out an area.
  • Once Dimitri has been killed, it's the end of the storyline. Enjoy the credits.